Office building in Palmeras, Lima

Office building in Palmeras, Lima

Project: Preliminary design for Offices building in 400 Las Palmeras Street, lotes 0435/0445 ‐ San Isidro, Lima, Perú

Location: Lima, Perú

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Antonio Aramburu and Isabel Aranda Yáguez + Ojeda&Asociados + oloriz@rquitectura

Client: Nuovit

Date: 01/05/2014

The project is developed in two lots located in Las Palmeras Street.

Considering the current scarcity and high land prices in this consolidated area, Las Palmeras building becomes a distinctive investment alternative.

In addition to those premium buildings benefits, the project has the opportunity to increase its value in the medium-term because it is located in the most potential district of San Isidro.

The building has four parking floors, eight offices floors, and two independent Retail locals in the first floor.

The preliminary design has 162 parking lots, including 9 disable lots and visitors lots. This way, the number of parking lots required is met. Parking levels have a vertical communications core connecting these floors with the offices and access levels. This vertical core consists of a staircase and three elevators, and one additional staircase is added above access level.

Two offices have been projected in each office floor. Each one has its own waiting rooms, reception, corridor, meeting room and offices. Also hygienic services have been proposed in each office, for both men and women.

The roof floor is accessed through both fire safety stairs. The roof floor consists of large plants areas to provide the building with green areas. This terrace could also be used as a smoking area or workers resting areas.