Fuenlabrada Hospital

Fuenlabrada Hospital

Project: Fuenlabrada´s Regional Hospital

Location:Fuenlabrada, Madrid

Team:Luis González Sterling y Andrés Perea Ortega. Cesar Arribas, Benjamín Fdez. Velilla y José Luis Gómez de Tomás.

Client:Servicio Madrileño de Salud


Description: Fuenlabrada Hospital is a synthesis of the major functional aspects concerning a Metadesign as “design of designs” “.This is, a pure container admitting a large number of using and reusing possibilities, without undermining its intelligibility and its general or particular functionality.

The idea was to define a new image, far away from the usual healthcare architecture schemes. Additionally, located within the metropolitan hinterlands, it clearly assumes its compromise with the scene where it stands, changing the common hospital architecturallanguagefor new ways of expression from a more gentle and accessible social and cultural point of view.