12 de Octubre Policlinic

12 de Octubre Policlinic

Project: New Policlinic Building for the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid

Location: Madrid

Equipo: Luis González Sterling, Cesar Arribas Arribas e Isabel Aranda Yáguez

Client: SERMAS

Fecha: 01/05/2011


The building area of the New 12 de Octubre Polyclinic Hospital is surrounded by the facilities of the existing health complex. The 63000 m2 powerful block with another 25,000 of underground car park, will house 280 out-patient consultations, examination rooms, laboratories and research areas.

In order to avoid a monolithic and monotonous image, the New Policlinic is divided into three basic blocks. First of all, the base, cladded with limestone and comprised of the ground floor and first floor. It houses entrance areas and most of the public areas of the building. Secondly, the main body, which goes from the 2nd to the 6th floor. This important volume is covered in white concrete panels, separated, at the same time, in two areas, each of them with a double skin curtain wall and the lifts. It is crowned all along by two rooftop mechanical units with a galvanized steel enclosure. Finally,“the tower”, on the fifth aisle of the building. It has a greater height and a differentiated façade.

The new policlinic composed of three basement levels (car park, facility rooms and facility tunnels), a semi-basement floor allocating a car park and non-service hospital uses and nine stories above ground level including service areas and rooftop mechanical units on the last two floors. It consists of five aisles which are connected by two longitudinal modules, two parallel buildings: one of them houses the entrance and public circulations, while the other basically houses internal movements and administrative areas of the services.