180 Dwellings in Marismas del Odiel

180 Dwellings in Marismas del Odiel

Project: 180 State-Subsidized Dwellings in the “Marismas de Odiel” Development Plan in Huelva (Spain).

Location: Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Julio Domínguez Nevado, José Luis Gómez de Tomás

Client:  FRAi

Date: 04/08/2009


Three 8 storey housing buildings, each of them including 60 apartments, storage room and underground car park, are designed on this rectangular shaped plot.

The roofed gallery that gives access to the apartments is designed around an interior courtyard comprising from the first floor to the roof. Wet areas (bathrooms and kitchens) are situated around the courtyard, allowing a free outer perimeter for the main rooms (dining rooms and bedrooms), two façade apartments and vertical connection between all the wet areas.

The main entrance is on the ground floor, on the southwest end, through a porch where pedestrians and vehicles coexist. This area does not only give access to the doorway which links directly to the vertical access core (including lifts and an open-air staircase), but also leads to the underground car park.

Finalist in “Premio ENDESA” to the most sustainable Real Estate Project BMP 09.