Public Parking and Central Market in Huelva

Public Parking and Central Market in Huelva

Project: Public Parking Garages and Central Market of Huelva

Location: Huelva, Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Izabela Wieczorek, Isabel Aranda Yaguez, Francisco Botella Botella, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno, Javier Alau Massa

Client: AZAGRA S.A.

Date: 01/01/2005


Given the free-standing character of Huelva’s public Car Park and New Central Market as well as their urban centrality, four new important façades are   designed, and three of them include public entrances. The roof and the canopy create a fifth façade that is always seen from the surrounding area. At the same time, wide sidewalks ease pedestrian flows and usual activities in the surroundings of this type of building.

Two independent volumes create a unique formal layout. The sales area is conceived as a great covered square protected but, at the same time, in a continuous connection with the outside. A singular canopy is linked to the eight storey parking block introducing a great abstract and plastic mural. The northern area of this second block is conceived as the main façade of the building.