Parking garages in Córdoba

Parking garages in Córdoba

Project: Two parking garage buildings in Córdoba

Location: Córdoba

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, José Luis Gómez de Tomás, Francisco Botella Botella , Mar Herrera Díaz, Clara Aramburu Mendiguren

Client: FRAi / Ingeconser

Date: 01/05/2011


In the present Design Project, the Concept Design submitted to contest is developed, with a total of 544 car places above ground level and bicycle parking spaces.

With this proposal, the idea is to provide rotation and resident parking places to a shortfall area of the city. A series of soil pits were done with the result of important remains that made impossible to build bellow ground level. This is the reason why the new parking garage is above ground level.

This proposal is reached on the following basic assumptions:

•   To alter as little as possible the current road network.

•   Minimum visual impact and urban integration.

•   Ease of performance in order to minimize the works.

•   Optimization of the areas for each vehicle