Architecture, art and technique

Architecture, art and technique

Architecture is the art and technique of planning and designing buildings with the ability to shape the human environment. To fulfill this statement has been unquestionably the main goal of árgola arquitectos since the firm was established in 1990.

Although the company is mainly specialized in healthcare architecture and urban planning, we have a broad experience with all sorts of projects and typologies. The firm has accomplished almost every existing building typology and has constructed millions of square meters of buildings dedicated to varied uses: housing, tourist resorts, hotels, retail, offices, industrial and logistics, and public and private facilities.

Throughout its career path, Árgola has broadened the location of its portfolio worldwide, achieving an important international experience in Europe and South America, and designing buildings for more than four continents and fourteen countries.

Our work pursues a modern, rational, and timeless aesthetic; voluntarily disconnected from temporary trends. With this in mind, the firm’s projects seek to create self-sufficient designs that invariably respect and enhance the surroundings.

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