BIM - Building Information Modeling

BIM – Building Information Modeling

árgolaarquitectos is a pioneer in the use of this powerful software (since 2006).
The challenge for us architects as we started to use BIM was to optimize the performance, in order to carry out and submit more accurate architectural designs in a shorter period of time. We are currently using all the potential that BIM gives us to include, not only the geometry and the graphic definition of the object, but also other information regarding it, such as: materials, sunlight conditions or functional requirements.
As an element changes, the item´s features and volumetric is updated in all the documents. The real time graphic information that is produced is very visual, so all the changes in the project are quick and easy to understand and communicate. This allows us to make better contrasted decisions on the concept design phase, when the changes still consume less economic and time resources.
For Autodesk, owner of the BIM program that we use, árgola arquitectos is a clear example of an implementation success via self-tuition without any type of external consultancy.