Punta Umbría Convention Center

Punta Umbría Convention Center

Project: Punta Umbría Convention Center

Location: Punta Umbría, Huelva

Team: José Luis Gómez de Tomás, María Fernández Lanchas,  Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Javier Alau Massa, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno

Client: Ayuntamiento de Punta Umbría

Date: 31/08/2011


The project proposed for this site seeks to highlight the aesthetics over the mere integration of the new building with the existing surroundings. The idea is to create a new image for Punta Umbría with a building that captures the essence of the place. Therefore, the new Convention Center seeks to be an icon within itself.

The proposal has 3 main defining elements:

-The esplanade: open room with diverse designs and uses. It explands out of the enclosed building, opening to the big front public open space of the Convention Center, like an atrium or meeting point.

-The outer envelope: it is a sometimes convex sometimes concave surface with multiple functions: it gives shape to the amphiteather, lets the natural light in the building, and protects the different areas from excesive direct sun and rain. It is both façade and roof.

-Promenade and exhibition walk: the main element that goes perimetrally through the entire building. It is a spiral-shaped ambulatory, concieved as an itinerary that connects the different inner areas of the Congress Center while allowing a constant perception of the surrounding landscape.