Biopol Research Center

Biopol Research Center

Project: Biopol Research Center

Location: Barcelona

Team: Luis González Sterling, Andrés Perea Ortega, Felipe Pich, José Luis Gómez de Tomás y María Fdez. Lanchas

Client: Concurso

Date: 01/05/2010

Description:  We propose the distribution of the future complex in the Biopol area, so that it becomes an optimized institution producing and exchanging knowledge. It must be capable of receiving architectural innovation at a high level, and also encourage the development of biomedical research.

Introduction: The new design will turn it into an urban pole that will focus its attention on the development of the Biopol area and its integration in The Health and Biotechnology Campus of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Use: A completely flexible building is created: a double strip above ground level hosts facilities and services. The entire building is enveloped by a filter, acting like a technological veil.

Energy Efficiency: The building will be a reference point on energy consumption, achieving the ZERO energy balance in common areas. Several strategies will be used: technologic enclosure, air flow control, insulated laboratories, natural ventilation, high efficiency air exchangers, efficient air conditioning, minimum artificial lighting, water management.

Economic Efficiency.

Constructive Efficiency: An aesthetically uplifting building is designed with limited resource consumption and maximum building efficiency. All the materials will be processed in factory and assembled in situ.