Hospital Center Dr. Rafael Hernandez

Hospital Center Dr. Rafael Hernandez

Project: Centro Hospitalario Especializado Dr. Rafael Hernández

Locaton: Chiriquí, Panamá

Team: Luis González Sterling, Cesar Arribas Arribas, María Fernandez Lanchas,  Isabel Aranda Yáguez, Julio Domínguez Nevado, José Luis Gómez de Tomas, Francisco Botella Botella, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno, Clara Aramburu Mendiguren.

Client: Isolux Corsán

Date: 23/07/2012


The Caja del Seguro Social of Panama (CSS) is working intensely to update its infrastructure and adequate its health care facilities to the current necessities and growing population of the country. The tender to undertake the construction of the enlargement of the Dr. Rafael Hernandez Specialized Hospital, located in the District of David, was part of this effort undertaken by the CSS. The intervention seeks to transform the existing hospital into a major health care complex; and is designed to be implemented in two stages in order to minimize the impact of the construction in the surroundings.

The design proposed comprises, from a holistic standpoint, both the refurbishment of the existing building and its enlargement, taking  into consideration all the determinants and agents that are present during the entire construction process.  The design of the new towers provides a wholesome environment that will meet the requirements of the users, motivate hospital workers, and ensure high-efficiency and best-quality health care services for the community.

The different specialities included in the Hospital, as well as the diverse needs and uses required for each  area, have played an essential role in the design, determining the arrangement of the pieces, the relations and circulations between them, and the future management of the complex.