Olivas Healthcare Center

Olivas Healthcare Center

Project: Olivas Healthcare Center

Location: Aranjuez, Madrid

Team: Javier Alau Massa e Ignacio Revuelta Iglesias

Client: SERMAS

Date: 23/08/2006


The Olivas Health Care Center is composed as a succesion of three parallel wings, interconnected through a perpendicular module dedicated to accesses and circulations, and separated by patios. The joining piece of the building has three floors, and houses the  building’s installations on its highest level.

The design enhances the visual sequence of inner patios and outer spaces from the different areas of the building, while allowing for the grouping of all the examination rooms and waiting areas around the inner gardens.

The main access is shaped as a big funnel, both identifying and qualifying the entrance to the Health Care Center. It corresponds to the street’s level in Paseo del Deleite, and is located on the highest floor of the access building.

On the opposite side of the site, there is also a secundary entrace to the building designed for the center’s staff.