Magallanes 3 office building

Magallanes 3 office building

Project: Restoration and Refurbishment of the Office Building located in 3, Magallanes Street

Location: Madrid

Team: Luis González Sterling, Julio Domínguez Nevado, María Fernández Lanchas

Client: Comunidad de Propietarios Magallanes 3

Date: 01/01/2009


Adaptation of the office building located at 3, Magallanes Street in Madrid, built between 1964 and 1966.

The geometry of the existing building is not altered in the end, the only thing that changes is the position of the emergency stairwell. The main access is also renovated, giving a new image of both elements.

A new ceramic “skin” is adhered to the existing clay brick wall which presented degradation.

A back-ventilated façade is used finishing in an extruded ceramic tile and incorporating thermal insulation in order to ameliorate the building´s a thermal enclosure.

In terms of form, the building is the result of three rectangular twinned blocks that do not occupy the whole of the plot.  The interior work carried out gathers all the vertical accesses and toilets in the smallest volume, converting the two other volumes in diaphanous spaces for office use. The number of vertical communications is redesigned according to current legislation and formal updates.

The façade´s complete implementation and the replacement of the carpentry was fulfilled from the outside. The interior work was carried out in pairs of levels, offering the possibility to keep the activity going in the rest of the floors, without having to relocate the rest of the occupants.