Principe de Vergara 109 office building

Principe de Vergara 109 office building

Project: Principe de Vergara 109 office building refurbishment

Location: Madrid

Team: Julio Domínguez Nevado, Isabel Aranda Yáguez

Client: Inversiones DOALCA

Date: 01/07/2012


The original office building was built in 1965 and is a prism shaped volume with a total height of eleven floors.

The exterior treatment of the ground floor and mezzanine defines a clear-cut black granite base for the building, emphasized by the upper levels that overhang it. The horizontality of the floors is highlighted by rows of continuous windows. The rear façade of the building, where the main vertical communication cores and toilets are located, is dotted with small windows framed in marble jambs.

The purpose of this project is to renew the appearance of the building, by means of superimpose a second skin composed of aluminum composite panels. The arrangement of the panels is proposed to enhance the current horizontality established by the existing windows. The new skin will also cover the main access canopy, highlighting the entrance to the building.

Any intervention on the exterior walls is an opportunity to improve the thermal envelope of the building, and therefore its efficiency. In this case, the building was insulated with a wool blanket 5cm thick, with a thermal conductivity of h=0.035W/mK. Considering that the building will keep having the same patterns of use and lighting and air conditioning installations, this investment in insulation will mean savings in energy of 2,225 €/year and a total energy reduction of 11,392 kgCO2/year.>

The building obtained a grade B in the national energy certification system after the refurbishment (76.4 kgCO2 / m²).