Álvarez Buylla Hospital

Álvarez Buylla Hospital

Project: The Álvarez Buylla Hospital

Location: Mieres, Asturias

Team: Luis González Sterling, Elena Herranz, Dolores Diaz y Verónica Regoli

Client: Consejería de Salud y Servicios Sanitarios del Principado de Asturias

Date: 09/03/2006


The plot, its size (15,200 m2) and long shape, present a challenge when choosing the type of hospital. In this case, the dimension and specially the shape, determine in a very specific way, the area configuration and the functional scheme that is chosen.

This irregular trapezium shape hospital is 226 metres long and its width varies between 56 metres on the north façade and 83 metres on the south façade

The typology of the building is clearly urban, occupying most of the plot and using the perimeter roads as a bypass. Hardly any internal road net work is needed. Although only 200 beds are programmed, the solution to the lack of space was to design a tower scheme in which hospitalization is distributed in two modules of three floors each.

Since the length of the plot, the building´s scheme must be clearly linear and composed by different consecutive buildings interconnected by corridors.