Fraternidad Muprespa Central Hospital

Fraternidad Muprespa Central Hospital

Project: Competition for Fraternidad Muprespa Central Hospital

Location: Madrid, España

Team: Luis González Sterling, Elena Herranz Zamorano, María Fernández Lanchas, Armide González

Client: Fraternidad Muprespa

Date: 01/03/2011


The nature of this project makes neccessary the set up of an scheme that prearranges the zonification of the functional areas. This is due to the hospital scale (50 beds and 7000 sqm), its location within an urban site, and the minimal area available for further construction. This scheme will also determine the proximity of areas, the independent circulations, the location of the public and private areas, and the differentiation of the vertical circulations. This outline is essential for the building, since it determines the way the hospital would function during its lifespan, while defining its level of flexibility and its transformation possibilities.

The program is distributed in the building in a concise way: the public area is located within the main façade, while the more private spaces open up to the back façade.

The main environmental goals of the intervention seek to reduce the negative impacts that the building might have in the surroindings. The building design will allow for an energy demand reduction. The main actions taking place will be:

  • Specialization of the building envelope
  • Central bioclimatic-operational patio
  • Use of the solar energy in the façades
  • Utilization of the natural light inside the building