Guadix Hospital

Guadix Hospital

Project: Centro Hospitalario de Alta Resolución de Guadix, Granada

Location: Guadix, Granada

Team: Luis González Sterling, César Arribas, Margarita Tórrego, Isabel Aranda, Leticia Izquierdo y María Fernández Lanchas

Client: Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS)

Date: 10/02/2003

Description: The High Quality Specialities Hospital Centre in Guadix is a building that, without achieving the complexity of a conventional hospital, has the necessary health equipment to attend a medium size city.

 The functional program is designed on an orthogonal mesh based on North-South displayed blocks, with intermediate patios between them.
These patios are conceived as controlled atmospheres, gardens with awnings controlling sunlight. The main patio is a cloistered courtyard, with all the main public circulations on its perimeter. It includes 2 lobbies in the short sides (the main one on one side and emergencies on the other) and two visitor circulations including waiting areas in the long sides. The axis of the patio is extended beyond the lobbies, with two entrance canopies.
Those patios are the visible gardens on the ground floor movements and are part of the spatial and environmental heritage of the building, giving the proposal a unique quality of introspection as an alternative to the extreme climate conditions.