Tlemecen hospital

Tlemecen hospital

Project: Tlemecen hospital

Location: Tlemecen, Argelia

Team: Luis González Sterling, César Arribas Arribas, María Fernández Lanchas, Elena Herranz Zamorano, Dolores Díaz Bellocq, José Luis Gómez de Tomas, Francisco Botella.

Client: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Date: 03/03/2011


The proposal for the Tlemecen Healthcare Center is made of three buildings: the Hospital, the Research and Teaching building and the Facilities building.

The Hospital is divided into three basic areas: the base, the hospitalization pieces and a basement containing the parking lot and the building’s facilities. Its configuration prioritizes the horizontal relations and circulations between spaces, with the goal of obtaining a human scale in the building. The programme is arranged around a sequence of patios, creating an easy to comprehend space grid. This provides the user with a clear circulation pattern and a logical arrangement of areas, upgrading the functionality of the building and making the whole user experience more pleasant.

The complex is located in a very large site. This, together with a favourable shape and topography of the site, allows for a reserve area destinated to future enlargements of the Hospital.