Salvador Hospital and National Institute of Geriatrics

Salvador Hospital and National Institute of Geriatrics

Project: Hospital del Salvador and Geriatric National Institute

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Teamárgola arquitectos

Client: Consorcio Salud Santiago Oriente

Date: in progress


El Salvador Hospital is a public hospital complex located in Providencia, Santiago, Chile. It is part of the assistance network of the Oriente Metropolitan Health Service.

It was founded on December 7, 1871 as a result of the Federico Errázuriz´s government concern about the high mortality rates caused by several rapidly spreading epidemics in Santiago City.

In 1888 Santiago had 22 professional doctors, 967 hospital beds, 14 dispensaries, 1 hospice, 2 orphans and 25 lazaretos, for a population of 18,648 patients.

The plot destinated to this new building is located in the commune of Providencia in a consolidated and central sector of the city.

The building´s implantation area has trapezoidal form and it is placed to the North of the existing hospital of El Salvador, historical monument, National Heritage.

The Plot also borders with Dr. Hernán Alessandri Street towards the north, with José Manuel Infante Street towards the east, and El Salvador Avenue towards the West.

The Plot gently descends diagonally. The slope is 4 meters from its highest point to the Northeast to its lowest point to the Southwest. As a key constraint, the height limitations for the new hospital specified as limits on the urban regulations is 17.5 m. The occupancy area available for the new building is 21,500 m2 at the first floor level.

The Preliminary Designs of El Salvador Hospital and National Institute of Geriatrics are divided into 3 main functional areas:

• El Salvador Hospital: Including areas of Hospitalization, ICU, Surgerie Pavilions and Emergency.

• General Polyclinic Module: Including Outpatients Consultations, Procedures, Physical Medicine, Imaginerie and the Mental Health Unit

• National Institute of Geriatrics: With its own area of Hospitalization, Consultations and Physical Medicine

The number of interventions expected once the Hospital is opened is:

• 370 thousand Physician Consultations

• 31 thousand hospitalizations

• 19 thousand major surgeries

• 5 thousand minor surgeries

The proyect is designed and developed by Árgola Arquitectos in collabotation with Euroestudios, and it carries out an exhaustive revision of the original proyect in several senses:

In a programmatic, urbanistic, functional and constructive sense, the revision keeps faithful to the original requirements that have been taken into consideration when addressing a hospital complex of such characteristics.

Preliminary objectives were:

  • Using Architecture as a Therapeutic Element
  • Building an Environmentally Friendly Building
  • Designing a building that considers and integrates the pre-existences
  • Reducing the vulnerability of the hospital to catastrophes
  • Achieve the greatest possible Logistics Efficiency

Relevant Medical Facilities:


Total Boxes: 59

Total Beds: 112


Total Boxes: 317

Total Beds: 530

Total Pavilions: 26


Hospital area built: 120,393 m²

Parking Area: 51,080 m²

Total Area Built: 171,473 m²