Tajo Hospital

Tajo Hospital

Project: Tajo Hospital, Aranjuez

Location: Aranjuez, Madrid

Team: Luis González Sterling, César Arribas Arribas y Vanesa Jalle Marco

Client: Hospital del Tajo S.A.

Date: 01/08/2007


The New Tajo Hospital is a horizontally developed building complex (including a semibasement, ground floor and two more storeys) composed of several modules which are displayed through four volumes on an orthogonal layout. The day The Tajo River Hospital reaches its maximum development (2017) the total number of beds will be 126 and 30 in the Out-Patient Care.

The transparencies created by the series of courtyards, thirteen in all, the sequence established between the outside lobby, the generous interior lobby and the central courtyard, as well as the color scheme of the materials that have been used, are some of the goals the project has already achieved.

The plot has an upward slope towards the east and a horizontal development is placed on this scenario. The outpatient building, to the south of the whole, is constituted by a two storey building next to the main access. Six interior courtyards allow efficient sunlight and at the same time, independent modules.

The third building includes the technical area and main services and it is located on the western side of the hospital. At the end and separated by a sloped street, stands the facilities building.