Hospital in Malabo

Hospital in Malabo

Project: Hospital in Malabo

Location: Malabo, Guinea Ecuatorial

Team:Luis González Sterling




The proposal for the Malabo Hospital became for us a key project for typological investigation. Together with giving a proper answer to the functional and programmatic determinants of the building, we sought to design a complex that would serve as an open-ended space to all possible functions of the programme. The goal was, therefore, to offer a depurated envelope for the different areas and uses of the hospital.

The proposed typology is based on the categorization of the external spaces, the internal spaces and the zones dedicated to articulate the relations between areas. The external circulations of the building are lead to open patios in the Hospital through internal streets. These sequence of corridors and open areas provide the main fucntional structure of the building.

The programme is arranged in a single floor above ground, with a central distribution area that serves perpendicular programamtic modules on both sides as well as the open green areas.

The goal of the proposal is to be able to offer a highly flexible, comprehensive, and compact building, that will serve a complex programme in an originally unwelcome environment.