Puerta de Hierro hospital

Puerta de Hierro hospital

Project: Puerta de Hierro hospital

Location: Majadahonda, Madrid

Team: Árgola Arquitectos:Luis González Sterling, José Mangas Hernández y Benjamín Fernández Velilla.

    Pinearq: Albert Pineda, Javier Llambrich

Client: Servicio Madrileño de Salud

Date: 01/01/2003


The building adapts harmoniously to a difficult terrain with the design of a low height volume, intentionally avoiding the construction of tall edifications. The program is fitted in a one-floor volume dotted with multiple inner patios, allowing the inner spaces for plenty natural light and views. This functional arrangement makes possible a well-adjusted relation between the building, the surrounding landscape and the existing infraestructure.

With the goal of providing the hospital with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, the main circulations and relations between areas are mainly horizontal, and the different parts of the program are distributed following a constant sequence of coutyards. This  arrangement helps the users and workers of the hospital to better understand the space, and to move around the building in a more intuitive way.

All together, the main goal of the formal scheme of the hospital has been to develop spaces that could act as a catalyst for the integration of the building in the landscape, having into account its future changes and enlargements.