Cáceres New Hospital

Cáceres New Hospital

Project: Cáceres New Hospital

Location: Cáceres

Equipo: Luis Gonzalez Sterling, Andrés Perea, Cesar Arribas, Dolores Diaz

Client: SES

Date: 10/12/2006

Description:  The First Phase of The New Caceres Hospital is under construction, a 57000 m2 building which will be extended in a Second Phase.

It is an important example of hospital typology investigation. A complex scheme has been chosen superimposing 2 different meshes and separating them by the technical floor area resulting from the vertical differentiation between tower and base.

The base: Six concentric strips housing all the assistance services, such as support or general assistance, develop the whole functional program. The first strip is the main entrance, followed by two other strips housing outpatient uses; a fourth one for staff, a fifth for the utility area and the last strip accommodating services. Specialized circulations, designed as glassed-in galleries, join the strips together.

In-patient area: This area was built in the shape of two by two alternately joined wings to one side or the other, three stories high and situated over the base, on top of the technical floor area.

The facilities building: It is located straight after the last strip of the basement, as a free-standing building connected to the hospital through the gallery floor.

The second phase will continue the scheme proposed in this first phase, i.e. the strips will be extended from their ends and new zig-zag wings will be added to the upper floors