New Children's Hospital of Panama City

New Children’s Hospital of Panama City

Proyecto: New Children’s Hospital of Panama City (PA)

Location: Ciudad de Panamá (PA)

Team: Luis González Sterling, Isabel Aranda Yáguez, Julio Domínguez Nevado, Antonio Aramburu y José Luis Góme de Tomas.

Client: SACYR

Date: 07/11/2014


This 58,600 m2 powerful building will house 421 beds and 197 cribs and will be equipped with a 7,750 m2 underground car park. In order to avoid a monolithic and monotonous image, the new Hospital is divided into three basic areas: the base, the hospitalization pieces and the laboratory, direction and management tower.

The base takes up the entire site, integrating in the project the existing 37 street. All the care and service activities of the hospital are located within the four levels of this volume.

The six hospitalization modules are displayed in an orthogonal layout, separated by a series a courtyards. This configuration allows the rooms to enjoy similar views, efficient sunlight and ventilation. The modular outline of this area has been designed so it makes possible the swap between different functional areas in hospitalization.

The laboratory, direction and management tower is located in the corner of the hospital defined by the crossing of the Av. De Chile with 36 Street, providing an end to the sequence of hospitalization modules and standing out as a representative façade to the new hospital building.