Isla Cristina Central Park

Isla Cristina Central Park

Project: Isla Cristina Central Park

Location: Isla Cristina, Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Antonio Aramburu

Client: EPSA

Date: 1997-2001


The 5 Ha surface of the Isla Cristina Central Park is divided into four big areas:

  • The amphitheater: This building is located inside a crater on top of an artificial hill in the park. It is shaped to resemble the sale of a ship, making it easily visible from the park and the city. The amphitheater is surrounded by meadows, promenades and trees and bushes areas.
  •  The Garden of gardens: It organizes the central area of the park. This garden displays 12 different plots, each one dedicated to specific species. It is surrounded by a promenade covered with climbing plant, providing the perfect amount of shade and humidity to the environment.
  • The Plaza: It configures the entrance to the park from the existing city. With its very characteristic 80 meter long pond and marble floors, this area is primarily dedicated to terraces and kiosks.
  • The Playground: It is equipped with skating facilities, a closed area dedicated to fairs and markets, and a playground area for kids.