Isla cristina Promenade Seafront

Isla cristina Promenade Seafront

Project: Isla cristina Promenade Seafront

Location: Isla Cristina, Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua y Antonio Aramburu Gimeno

Client: Ayuntamiento de Isla Cristina

Date: 01/01/2000


This project aimed to reshape a poor area that used to configure a barrier between the city and the sea into an easily accessible quality natural area.

The main objectives of the project were:

a) Functional:

Provision of access to the beach

Preservation and fixation of the first set of sand dunes

b) Landscape and ecology :

Stabilization of sand dunes and protection of local vegetation.

Maintenance and improvement of the existing pine forest.

Creation of new vegetation areas suited to the climate and the landscape.

c) Economic:

Provision of low maintenance cost design.

The seafront promenade is now a very popular area for the city and its surroundings. Its three kilometers long open natural area that combines a pine forest with sets of dunes running parallel to the shoreline.