Isla Cristina General Development Plan

Isla Cristina General Development Plan

Project: Isla Cristina General Development Plan

Location: Isla Cristina, Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno

Client: Ayuntamiento de Isla Cristina

Date: Approved en 1987 –  Revision-Adaptation 01/01/2008


The recently approved Local Plan intends to fulfill two main objectives:

Guarantee an organized growth of the residential and economic areas (especially tourist ones) and the protection of a first-rate natural environment. For this reason, the new urban plan, that edits the existing one since 1987, reinforces the former’s   territorial model, this is, a 64% of the municipality is a protected area. Pine woods, marshlands and beaches are safe from the real state or economic activity. Residential developments and retail are developed in other areas.

In this context, the main bet is tourist activity, as the necessary complement to the fishing, industrial and services activities. Active tourism is promoted before residential tourism. At the same time, accessibility is ameliorated through the construction of new accesses to the municipality.