Alcobendas eco-neighbourhood

Alcobendas eco-neighbourhood

Project: Eco-Neighbourhood proposal in Alcobendas

Location: Sector Los Carriles, Alcobendas

Team: Joaquin Aramburu, Clara Aramburu, Mar Herrera, José Luis Gómez, Antonio Aramburu

Client: Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas

Date: 10/05/2011


The Eco-city of Alcobendas is a new city based on innovation and the available technology, to achieve environmental and social sustainability, and of course, its economic feasibility.

It is defined with the following features:

  • Will/desire for excellence: It intends to be a city based on knowledge, an experimental field – starting from the gestation and construction process and ending in its operation – for the University, firms and social and technological investigation centres . The most advanced technologies will be used in each field (bioclimatic architecture, infrastructures, materials, mobility, energy efficiency, social integration, etc..) specially focused on urban, environmental and social sustainability.
  • Aim to solve real problems of the city and their citizens, such as housing, without leading to social segregation processes on the territory. In order to achieve this, a functionally complex eco-neighbourhood has been designed, including housing, commercial and industrial uses and public and private services. A 45% of the dwellings will have a fixed price and these will be mixed with free housing: a maximum quality eco-neighbourhood.
  • Creation of a final limit between city and natural space by means of a soft and tidy transition.
  • Integration with the existing landscape and city. The new proposal shall ameliorate the urban context in which it is included.
  • Design of urban units (neighbourhoods), functionally and socially integrated.
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint caused by the new urban development
  • Social Sustainability
  • Economical Sustainability. Feasibility of the proposal
  •  A sustainable proposal is designed in every respect, not only environmentally or socially, but a real design with ideas that ensure the feasibility of the project.