El Rompido Este Development Plan

El Rompido Este Development Plan

Project: El Rompido Este Development Plan

Location: Cartaya, Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno, José Luis Gómez de Tomás, Mar Herrera, Clara Aramburu Mendiguren

Client: SCG Nuevo Rompido

Date: 01/07/2008


The sector has is dedicated to industrial use: mainly retail and offices. The Development Plan establishes five blocks grouped into three zones. The site has steep slopes and is crossed by two discrete channels.

The Plan seeks the following objectives:

  • To respect the existing channels.>
  • To minimize earthworks.
  • To generate a quality industrial and tertiary area.
  • To establish a main entrance to the zone.>
  • To design a flexible division into plots of the area, leading to a good architectural result.
  • To optimize the relationship between road surface and plot surface.