San Antonio Montija Development Plan

San Antonio Montija Development Plan

Project: San Antonio de Montija Development Plan

Location: Huelva

Team: Joaquín Aramburu Maqua, Antonio Aramburu Gimeno, Mar Herrera Díaz, Clara Aramburu Mendiguren, Jose Luis Gómez de Tomás


Date: 01/05/2011


The main criterion followed when designing this proposal are the following:

  • Maintain the continuity of the “industrial axis” Huelva – San Juan.
  • Improve the urban landscape in the main access to the city.
  • Solve the contour problems with the existing and future industrial areas and with the pre-existing services.
  • Ensure physical and visual protection of the riverbed and the existing roads.
  • Improve A-5000 road’s track  (in line with what was suggested in the Overall Planning) converting he stretch that goes from Fortiz Industrial Park to the Outer Round into an urban high-capacity road.  Once the track has been finished, current and future additions to the same will be solved.
  • Solve the territorial compatibility of the intended commercial, residential, and industrial uses.
  • Provide the city with two rare and necessary residential products (single-family dwellings and/or terraced housing on an independent plot and state subsidized dwellings)
  • Provide the city with land for large public services.
  • Provide the city with a large public space big enough to be considered a Metropolitan Park. It will be located in the south of the area, next to the city and in the residential area with the highest density.
  • Design a high quality public transport network to connect the new development with the existing city. A bicycle network will also be designed.
  • Provide the neighbourhood with a high number of public services such as schools, civic centres, social centres, nurseries, etc.
  • Enhance the presence of nature in the proposal, giving the new neighbourhood a high number of parks and gardens. A big amount of public space for pedestrians will be added.
  • Integrate the high voltage power lines in the proposal, keeping their aerial layout.