El Puche Urban Development

El Puche Urban Development

Project: El Puche Urban Development

Location: El Puche, Almería

Team: Joaquín Aramburu. José Luis Gómez de Tomás, Antonio Aramburu, María Gäbler

Client: EPSA

Date: 28/01/2009


The project deals with the design and development of the entire urbanization of this area.

The main goals of the project are the following:

– Guarantee accessibility: The design eliminates curbs and steps in pathways and accesses to buildings.

– Provide singularity throughout the neighborhood: the design seeks to avoid repetition, making possible a more interesting and multiuse urban space.

– Promote simplicity and durability: by means of simple designs and high quality construction elements.

– Allow easy maintenance and replacement: All the urbanization elements are chosen taking in consideration these two factors.