Navy Officers' housing

Navy Officers’ housing

Project: Navy Officers and Non Commissioned Officers’ Housing, Manoteras, Madrid (Spain)

Location: Madrid

Team: Luis González Sterling, Julio Domínguez Nevado, María Fernández Lanchas

Client: G.O.C. (Ministerio de Defensa)

Date: 01/01/2006


The Navy Officers and Non Commissioned Officers’ Housing located in Manoteras´ Industrial Park in Madrid sets out its functional programme in three levels: the parking area and building services are located on the basement floor, service areas, administration and staff rooms are located on the ground floor, and up to a total of 299 units are located on the upper floors.

Two asymmetric blocks housing the rooms emerge from the ground floor: the western block is an eight storey building whilst the eastern block has only five floors. Both blocks are connected by a footbridge over the ground floor lobby. It is not only the height difference that singles out both blocks, but the horizontal offset between the residential blocks, enabling great views of the mountains. For this reason, the eastern façades have a higher percentage of glazing areas than the western façades.

In order to achieve a better interior and exterior comfort level in the rooms, a great vegetation area including gardened zones, will act as a horizontal façade of the building and will be visible from the rooms.