La Castellana Tramway

La Castellana Tramway

Project: Civic Platform to Recuperate the “Paseo de la Castellana”

Location: Madrid

Team: Joaquin Aramburu, Francisco Botella, Mar Herrera, Clara Aramburu, Jaime Yndurain, Ingerop & Letmesee

Client: Plataforma para la Recuperación del Paseo de la Castellana

Date: 28/09/2011


Castellana’s north-south corridor is an emblematic public space of the city centre that has been transformed into a vehicle transit corridor. Therefore, it does not work as a walking, living or meeting area, but as a separating element between both sides of the city.

Objectives: The main goal is to honour the names of “Paseo de la Castellana y Recoletos and Salon del Prado”, by seeking an improvement of the environmental, acoustic and air quality conditions of the area. Some areas will be recovered for walking and living use, with an enlargement of the pedestrian and garden designated areas, at the expense of private vehicle spaces. The main objective arises without harming the general urban mobility capacity of the corridor, by the inclusion of a very powerful new mode of public transport, the tram.

It is a threefold transformation:

  • Physical:  transforming what today is a mere transit corridor, an obstacle, an element of fracture in a city in an encountering area and urban articulation.
  • Functional: creating walking, living, playing and social areas.
  • Environmental: Reducing CO2 emissions, particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen as well as decreasing noise pollution and fossil fuel consumption.